I’ve been a resident of Larimer County since 1998, and have lived in the Town of Wellington since 2016. I graduated from Rocky Mountain High School and Front Range Community College, and currently hold an Associates Degree in Computer Science. Prior to moving to Wellington, I worked as a Systems Engineer for Hewlett-Packard in Fort Collins, and I currently work as an Escalations Engineer for a software security company.

I’ve been very passionate about politics my entire life and continue to be well-educated on current events, both on a state and national level, and I look forward to being more involved with local issues faced by Wellington. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I understand what it is to serve our country and fight for what is right – even when those battles are hard-fought and aren’t glamorous. The town faces many issues which are going to require tough decisions to resolve. High water rates are at the top of my list – town residents simply cannot afford for additional rate increases to be placed upon them. We’ll also need to address growing concerns regarding traffic and road conditions, as well as public safety. I would also like to see the Town increase business commerce by reducing restrictions.

I believe it is a Trustee’s job to find a solution between what residents want and what professional’s recommend – but we need to be wary of costs, and ensure that contractors are held accountable for project delays and budget overruns. A trustee should also listen to and be the voice for residents!

Over the next four years, I look forward to ensuring the Town of Wellington is pro-resident, pro-business, is fiscally responsible, and most importantly, remains a community that people enjoy living in and a place we can all call home.